Thursday, October 15, 2009

Year long physical and educational goals.

I've got to start somewhere, so ive made a list of goals im striving to achieve this year in South Florida. Most of these goals ill start to work towards once im finally in FL.

Educational goals inlcude:
- To have taken the GED and graduated.
- Be able to explain health and fitness very well, as well as understand.
- Have a good understanding of politics, economics, and the fundamentals of the government.
- Have a better understanding of biological sciences.
- Be able to fluently speak spanish, along with knowing some italian and chinese.
- Be able to play at least 5-10 songs on guitar.
- Have a community in south florida, i.e making friends, attending events, get social!
- Have found a job and earn at least $1,000 on my own.

Physical goals include:
- Be around 112-115lbs of muscle, lots of strength training.
- Be able to do 5-8 pirouettes on releve and pointe.
- Be able to run 7-10 miles at an 8-10 minute pace.
- Be able to run a 6 minute mile for 2-3 miles.
- Be able to do at least 5-10 pull ups.
- Be able to reduce my need for contacts/glasses.
- Be 811rv for over a year.
- Be able to bike for at least 15 miles.
- Be able to crawl the yoga ball across the room and back.
- Be able to juggle 3-4 balls.

I will probably add on as i work with myself to see my potentials, limits, interests, and dislikes. I'm definitely new to training myself, as my whole life someone else has always trained me, told me what to do and when to do it. Now im completely on my own, training and teaching myself. I could get a personal trainer and a tutor, but who wants to make life boring? Ill teach and train myself on my own time, in my own way, and wherever i please. THAT will make for a happy soul :).

Stay with me for more, ill be posting day by day with things ive eaten, workouts ive done, classes ive taken or am looking for, any help i need, any questions i have, ect. All striving towards these goals. Now, it's all a matter of who will partake with me on my entire journey. Stay tuned :)